Instructors: Randy Mengullo & Elan Delfin

Red Bulls Karate Club 43 (Kickboxing & Full Contact Karate Champs)

Randy Mengullo, sensei:


Sensei Randy Mengullo is a Kumite (sparring) and Kata (forms) champions in his competitive years in karate.  A faculty member of Jack & Jill School/Castleson High since 1995, he serves as the official coach and trainer of the team. He initiated Karate as part of its curriculum integrated to their Physical Education (P.E.) and founded the Karate Fighting System (KFS) to all karate enthusiasts in Bacolod City. He is an active official and pioneer of Negros Occidental Karatedo Federation (NOKAF) and the Union of Martial Organization of Negros and Bacolod (UMA-ONEBA). Member of Philippine Karatedo Federation (PKF), the governing body of karate in the country.

Sensei Randy began training at the age of 13 and started his intensive training during his collegiate years in 1990. He earned his Black belt in 1993 through Shihan Ricardo Diocares and Shihan Rodolfo Gino in Red Bulls Karate Club 43. Both are respected Masters of Full Contact Karate and champions in their active years early 1970's and late1980's.

Mengullo's competitive years started in full contact tournament wherein he joined competitions both in Kick Boxing matches and Traditional Full Contact Karate in the province. He started joining Philippine Karatedo Federation tournaments in 1992 wherein he became champions both in Kumite and Kata in PKF-Regional Championships and garnered medals and recognition in the National Level. He attend the 13th KOI Karate World Cup in 2003 paticipated by 25 nations worldwide.

Sensei Randy started teaching martial arts after graduating from a  BS Commerce course major in Management at West Negros College (now West Negros University) in the year 1995.


Elan Delfin, sensei:


Sensei Elan Delfin is a Kumite (sparring) champion in his competitive years in karate. He started his training in the year 1988 during his high school studies. During that  years he started joining Philippine Karatedo Federation tournaments in the Province, Region up to the National level. He is the among the pionner player of Bacolod Gladiators in the Philippine National Games and LGU Olympic wherein he garnered medals and Recognition.
Sensei Elan is the sparring mates of Sensei Randy Mengullo during their training in Shihan Rexie Diocares (Red Bulls) Dojo and Shihan Rodolfo Gino (Club 43) Dojo wherein he earned his Black belt in the year 1993.
Sensei Delfin is presently a faculty member of Jack & Jill School / Castleson High. He started teaching karate to JJS pupils in the year 2003 up the Present.
Proud to be PINOY!!
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